About Us

The idea for Bread N Butter was the result of years of frustration, as both operators in the restaurant business and as service providers for the business.

The Idea

The idea for Bread N Butter was the result of years of frustration, as both operators in the restaurant business and as service providers for the business.

Our CEO, Sherman Walters, was both a successful Dairy Queen operator before spending a decade as a successful broker & owner with our sister company, National Restaurant Properties.

As a franchisee in the Dairy Queen system though, he would sit in meetings with the “top brass” at Dairy Queen headquarters thinking to himself that “I’m listening to people who have never worked behind the counter or never stressed about meeting my payroll tell me what they are going to do for my business,” says Walters. “They were well-intentioned and bright folks, but had no idea what things were like on the street where it mattered.”
And after a decade with National Restaurant Properties – it was frustrating seeing restaurant operators use “real estate professionals” that “didn’t really understand the restaurant business,” says Walters. “No offense to the rest of the brokerage community because I know some great brokers, but the restaurant business is unique and there are things to consider beyond the traffic counts and demographics.”

So he and his business partner George Buell, a 30-year restaurant pro who had moved from Charleston SC to Greenville SC to start that office with him, put their heads together for several months to start Bread N Butter Restaurant Strategies.

“Our biggest challenge was that no matter how hard we tried, when we put ‘broker’ behind our name we became a commodity to the marketplace – just another ‘transaction & fee’ seeker. But that just wasn’t part of the DNA of who we were and who we wanted to be.”
George Buell

Putting The Idea
In Motion

In late 2020, when Sherman had the opportunity to take over National Restaurant Properties, he called on an old customer, friend and advisor to run this idea by him. Rodger Blake-Ward, a multi-unit Jersey Mike’s franchisee throughout the Carolinas hopped on board immediately.

“It wasn’t just that they had such great ideas,” says Blake-Ward. “It was that he and George had such great vision for where the industry was headed, a passion for it, and a very selfless attitude. We joke now that we never had a real conversation about how we get paid. We just knew there was a void in the marketplace & we were going to fill it.”
Rodger Blake-Ward

Where Is This Idea Headed?

The short answer is wherever the industry takes us with whatever the industry needs.

The SHE-SHED philosophy – Strategies for Hospitality Entrepreneurs that lead to Sustainable Hospitality Economic Development for our communities – dominates every conversation.

Everything revolves around the conversations we have with industry operators – from the multi-unit restaurant group to the mom ‘n’ pop down the street. The needs of one often neither reflect nor trump the other. What the mom ‘n’ pop operator needs is totally different than the large restaurant group, but almost always, today’s challenges are hitting both.

Whether it’s a short conversation about the best POS or Merchant Service strategy for you, or a much deeper conversation about business growth & operations consulting, Bread N Butter will connect you with the right people who are truly dedicated to your sustained success in this industry.